Set all-round needles with matching precision needle tube

Combi-pack size 3 Outline



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To get to know our needles size 3 Outline, we offer our combi-pack size 3 Outline. The needles size 3 Outline are suitable for stronger, compact lines. The needles are laser welded in our house. The individual needles will be accurately assembled without the use of additional materials. This results in pinpoint, thin welds. The pack contains 5 allround needles each made of stainless steel and 5 precision needle tubes.


Areas of application: For pigmentation of the lips, eyelids, shades and for camouflage pigmentation.

Scope of delivery

1 p-unit = 5 pcs. needles size 3 Outline with color backflow protection + 5 pcs. precision needle tubes size 2, sterile, individually packed