Permanent Make-Up color BLO-Line | Organic - Free of ferric oxide

Set of 3 BLO eyebrow colors

 3 BLO_3,5 AB

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Profit from our attractive package prices and save 7 % compared to the single purchase of the products! The set consists of 3 eyebrow colors:

~ pale redwood: Warm, dark skin tone, which is suitable as a correction color as well as for medical pigmentation. The color is also suitable as eyebrow color in light skin types with blond-to-medium-blond hair.

~ black powder: Anthracite-colored, intense black for the discreet eyeliner.

~ mink: Natural, cool, dark brown color, especially suitable for people with brown to black hair.

The colors are organic- free of ferric oxide.

The set contains three bottles á 3.5 ml.

Notice: The colors represented by the monitor can differ from the original. We recommend buying an original color card.


All ingredients according to the highest purity requirement: Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil [+/- CI 77891, CI 77007, CI 11767, CI 56110, CI 561170, CI 561300, CI 74160, CI 77268:1, CI 77266, Pigment Yellow 155, CI 51345, Sodium Sulfate, Silica]

The product may contain traces of Nickel.

The respective ingredients are shown on the label together with the Lot Number and the expiry date.

Scope of supply: 3 bottles á 3.5 ml


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